Exclusive supply of premium probiotics ‘ME-3’ with antioxidant function for a healthy life.
최고관리자 2021-09-17

항산화 기능을 갖춘 프리미엄 유산균 ‘ME-3’가 젊고 건강한 삶을 위한 필수 소재로 주목받고 있다. hy는 지난해 4월 본격화한 균주 B2B 거래를 통해 ME-3를 국내에 독점 공급한다. [사진 hy] 

Glutathione is naturally synthesized in the body cells, especially the liver. However, it decreases with age. Depletion can be accelerated by external factors such as bad eating habits, stress, and UV rays. Experts advise that glutathione is essential for a young and health. To increase the glutathione level in the body, it is good to eat foods rich in glutathione such as asparagus, almonds, spinach, and broccoli. Grass-fed meat and free-range eggs are also good sources. However, it is not easy to consume sufficient amounts of these foods on a regular basis in a busy daily life. Since it is a protein, its bioavailability may decrease when taken as a supplement. 

Taking probiotics supplements with the ability to produce glutathione is a good alternative. Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3, a human derived lacitc acid bacteria, has a unique mechanism of action that repeats its own production, absorption, and reuse of glutathione. After separation in 1995, various physiologically active functions have been verified through more than 20 years of research. In particular, it is excellent in preventing cardiovascular and metabolic diseases based on oxidative stress suppression and detoxification. It is a premium material with 20 international publications including clinical papers and 4 international patents. 

Consumer interest in the ME-3 strain is expected to lead to an expansion of the base. The advantage is that it is easy to commercialize. ME-3 cab be grown in vegetable milk made from soybeans, almonds, and rice. It can be produced not only in powder form but also in fermented milk and beverage form, making it highly accessible. It has excellent storage stability and can be stored at room temperature for more than 24 months. 

hy, a distribution company, exclusively supplies ME-3 in Korea. This is through the B2B material business that began in earnest in April last year. It is being sold as the main strain for inner beauty along with Korea's first skin lactobacillus 'HY7714' and body fat reducing probiotics 'Kill Fat (HY7601+KY1032)'.

hy achieved 5000kg of cumulative B2B sales this year. In addition to the inner beauty material, hyLabs has a variety of notified probiotics, such as 'HY7715', a patented probiotics that produced vitamin B2, and 'HY8002' isolated from Korean gut. Recently, it has completed the development of natural fermented materials such as red ginseng and antler. In addition, self-screening to confirm the functionality of probiotics and follow-up human application tests are being conducted steadily, so the number of traded strains is expected to increase further.