hy supplied 'Kill Fat' probiotics to JUVIS
최고관리자 2021-09-07


hy announced that they will supply 'Kill Fat', a probiotics for reducing body fat, to 'JUVIS', a food company specialized in weight management supplements. 

hy signs a raw material supply contract wigh Juvis and supplies Kill Fat probiotics powder. It is used to manufacture the new product 'Juvis Diet Dual Lactobacillus'. It is sold through the Juvis online mall and 35 directly managed stores in South Korea. It is also included in the personalized program, which is the core of the Juvis Diet. 

Kill Fat probiotics is an KFDA approved probiotics for body fat loss. It is plant- isolated Korean probiotics, and made by mixing two types of patented lactic acid bacteria (KY1032 and HY7601).

It is possible to reduce body fat and manage intestinal health at the same time, and it took 18 years to research and develop. It accounts for 50% of the B2B business sales volume of hy. The main ingredient 'KY1032' has been recognized for its safety through the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) with the US Food and Drug Administration.